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Books on the Nightstand published our final episode in July 2016. This is a place for listeners to find old episodes. 

I'm sorry that we don't have show notes for all of the episodes, and that the episodes do not have consistent filenames. Still, we hope you find that the content is valuable enough to overlook those annoyances.

Thank you to all who have listened to BOTNS over the years and for those who are just discovering the podcast. 

Jan 29, 2014

A listener asks if we find ourselves recommending our favorite books over and over. We talk about old things. And we tell you about an amazing memoir and a noirish novel of the Jazz Age that is based on a true story. Recycling recommendations: New listener Emma asks: “Do you have a section of your […]

Jan 22, 2014

 The 2014 Tournament of Books contenders have been announced! Disliking a book that everyone else loves. Recommendations for Kids These Days and The Scar Boys. The Rooster is Back! Every year it seems that we talk about the Tournament of Books sometime late in March just as it’s ending. Not this year! The full list...

Jan 15, 2014

This week, a special episode answering all of your questions about audiobooks! Thanks to all of our listeners who submitted questions. I hope our answers make sense! We tackle such tough questions as: Do audiobooks “count” as actually having read the book? (Michael and I disagree on abridged audios, though). How do...

Jan 8, 2014

I was very honored to be able to interview Charles Duhigg on the publication day of The Power of Habit in paperback, out today, January 7. We discuss the genesis of the book, how to instill good habits in your children, the best habit for readers, “reward salience,” and the new afterword included in the […]